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Bali’s electricity power supply operates at 220volts / 50Hz (hertz/cycles), this is the same as Australia and many European countries that operate 220-240v / 50Hz. North America however, operates at 110-120volt and the electricity is generated at 60 Hz (cycles).

Cycles: This difference in cycles (50Hz Vs 60Hz) may cause the motor in your 60 Hz North American appliance to operate slightly slower when used on 50 Hz. Also some 60Hz devices such as travel clocks may not function normally on 50Hz current. Voltage: But it is the voltage that is most important. If you try to operate a 110v appliance on Bali’s 220v power chances are you will damage or burnout the appliance, not to mention the potential risk of causing a fire. Important: If your home supply is 110 volts and your electrical equipment does not have a 110/220 or 110/240 switch on it you will need to get a voltage converter to step the Indonesian 220 volts down to 110 volts. These are best purchased in your home country as they are surprisingly difficult to find in Bali and if you do they are bulky and of unreliable quality. Things which it might be wise to check are your phone charger, camera chargers, electric toothbrushes, travelling clothes irons, hair curlers, shavers, hair dryers, laptop chargers etc. some of these devices are “dual” voltage meaning they operate either at 110v or 220/240v. There should be a label on the appliance advising that it is capable of dual voltage, (if not or in doubt don’t use it). To check the voltage/frequency is used in your country go here: PLUGS & ADAPTORS Remember, adaptor plugs DO NOT convert electricity; they simply modify foreign outlets You can purchase power plug adaptors at department stores in Bali for about Rp20,000 which is a bit over US$2. If you are taking several electrical appliances from home to Bali it might be worth considering buying just the one adaptor plug and having it fitted to a “home” power board of 4 outlets (see below) so you have available more convenient multiple power outlets to charge and power your appliances. Electrical equipment and appliances are generally risky buys in Bali as the warranty will probably not be honored once you get home and you will find that they aren’t that much cheaper in Bali either. An exception might be a cheap portable DVD player which will overcome the frustration of a hotel with only Indo TV programs available. Here is a handy link for everything you should know about power adaptors in all countries: ©

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