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FIXED PRICE SHOPPING IN BALI For many who visit Bali and particularly the Bali Virgins the thrill of shopping and bartering simply can’t be beat.

Those who regularly holiday in Bali or are limited in time prefer to do their shopping in fixed price shops and to get the majority of their purchases over and done with without the need to trawl the streets and market stalls allowing them more time to relax and enjoy their holiday. There are a few shops in the Sanur Beach and Kuta/Legian areas that have built up a very strong following amongst travelers with their fixed price concept. Shops like Tootsies and Jeny’s in Sanur and Ketut’s, Miss Debbie’s, Dianne’s, Turika's and Sita Fashion on the Kuta/Legian side all have fixed pricing. (Although fixed we did manage a discount of up to 10% if you purchase a big order). Last June we put both shopping styles to the test. I took three seasoned lady shoppers to do the rounds at stalls in Poppies Lane & Poppies II while two other friends (one a Bali Virgin) went to Tootsies Shop in Sanur. We all had a list of common goods to purchase including sunglasses, hats, T shirts, perfume and ladies sandals. After 5 long hours I returned with the barter shoppers to find the others lounging about at poolside sipping a cool drink, they had completed their shopping in less than an hour and went back to the hotel for a swim all the while we were trapesing around Kuta bartering and bickering as you do. When we compared shopping notes and across 5 same items (sunnies, shorts, T shirts, hats and beaded sandals the “experts” saved them selves 8400RP (a tad over $1 across the 5 items). Remember, the “experts” shopped for 5 hours in Kuta, the “virgins” less than 45mins at Tootsies Shop. I know where I’ll be doing my shopping next time. SO WHERE ARE THESE PLACES YOU ASK ????? FIXED PRICE SHOPS IN SANUR TOOTSIE'S – Shop 28 Sindu Beach Markets – Sanur If you are arriving by taxi ask the driver to drop you off at the Inna Sindu Beach Hotel at the end of Jalan Pantai Sindu. You then turn right and follow the beach walkway south for approx 150 metres, you will then come to a beach cafe called "Bennos" and a sign that says 'Sindu Beach Markets'. Turn right into the market (a lane with shops each side) and Tootsies is about 3/4 of the way up the market lane on the right hand side. She has the lowest prices you are likely to find and will give you a good idea how low you must get other sellers before it becomes a good deal. UPDATE JUNE 2010 Tootsie has opened a new airconditioned shop on Sindu Beach. Catch a taxi to the end of Jalan Pantai Sindu then turn left and walk about 50 meters along the beach to "Tootsies Restaurant", you will find Tootsies new shop up the laneway behind the restaurant. Please go here for update story:

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JENY SHOP - Shop 29 Sindu Beach Markets – Sanur Right next door to Tootsies, Jeny also has a policy of fixed prices. If Tootsie hasn’t got the product, size or colour you are after chances are Jeny’s got it. FIXED PRICE SHOPS IN KUTA / LEGIAN KETUT'S – Jl. Saha Dewa Gg. Sorga No 2 (Garlic Lane) Long time favorite of Bali Travel Forum members. Good stock of clothing, footwear etc... If not in stock will get it from shops nearby. Ketut will also make larger size clothes off copies.

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MISS DEBBIE'S – Saha Dewa Street Legian About the same product as Ketut’s shop although Ketut is usually a little better on price.

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DIANNE'S – Kartika Plaza Street (opp Green Garden Hotel)

The place to go for heaps of aussie “footy” clothing. Also a good range of surf clothing and apparel.

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TURIKA'S SHOP – Melasti St Legian Art Market Melasti Street 45B, Legian/Kuta Bali. Good range of gear especially light dresses, sarongs, shirts & singlets and if you want something that's not in stock she will order in for you within 2 days and as her card says she will even make to order.

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Phone: +62 361 759 714 Email: Contact: I Wayan Sukarsa SITA FASHION – 373 Legian Road Kuta No clothing but just about everything else you can think of. Good quality and prices for placemats and household decorative items etc...

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For those that still enjoy the thrill of bargain hunting and bartering don't forget to print yourself a copy of "Don's Bali Virgins Guide" to give you a reference point for general shopping prices. Another great shopping tool is the "Rupiah Reckoner", print out a copy the night before leaving for Bali, its very handy to check exchange rates against rupiah prices. (See Cash Convertor button in the right hand menu). Which ever form of shopping you prefer bartering or fixed price I’m sure you will always grab a bargain and pay only a fraction of the prices back home. BIG GIRLS FASHION More and more stores ae popping up in Bali that cater for ladies & mens plus sizes. See our article for "Big Girls Bali Fashion" ENJOY YOURSELF – HAPPY SHOPPING A very big thank you to Lisa (BTF-"Madness")for her assistance with this article.

Also TinaG and treefrog55 (pics)


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