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Published on 02/27/08 at 22:31:07 GMT by Admin


Bali’s 1st Kite & Surf Pro Shop Opens

Opened in early January 2008, Kite & Surf Bali is the first and only Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) & Surfing store in Bali, indeed all of Indonesia. With more than 150 square meters of the most prestigious brands of sport equipment, beach wear and fashion, Kite & Surf are the Indonesia distributors for Ozone, Airush, Peter Lynn and Underground.

The new pro shop is the dream child of local Sanur identity Giancarlo Avancini. Giancarlo, or ‘Jankie’ as he is known to his friends is a native Italian who now calls Bali home. “I fell in love with windsurfing when I was a kid on holiday with my parents and in 1988 I started work as a windsurfing instructor in resorts around the world”, Jankie explained.

“After a few years I became a travel agent for a major Italian tour operator where I worked for almost 10 years until the Bali bombing, which as history will show brought terrible consequences for the local economy and for the tourism industry here in Bali, forcing me to look for another job. I returned to Bali in 1997 where I met and married my beautiful wife ‘Yoska’, we now have a son, 6 year old ‘Gianluca’, he is my hope for the future. Kitesurfing is my passion, but my professional livelihood in Bali is as a business consultant where I specialise in hotel management, real estate, interior design and export”.


Let’s do it standing up… Bali

The whole world is talking about it !

Born in Hawaii, Stand Up Paddle (or SUP for short) is now the world's fastest growing watersport. Catching waves or using it for a fun-paddling session on flat water, this new exciting sport is accessible to all and can be learned within 5 minutes. The modern SUP boards allow you to catch waves a lot earlier than even the long boarders. Boards are typically longer, wider and thicker than traditional surfboards, giving them more buoyancy and the paddles have shafts longer than standard canoe paddles for the extra reach needed. Bali has long been the Mecca for surfers since the early seventies, now SUP opens new possibilities! There are many brands of SUP boards that include the ability to add a sail, this gives the SUP board endless possibilities.


Learn how !!!

Bali Kite & Surf now offer lessons and equipment rental to help you learn this amazing new sport. Paddles and specialised stand up boards for all skill levels are available for rental or purchase.

Lessons from Beginner to Advance at 250.000 rp per hour (about 30 US$).

Board Rental at 150.000 rp per hour (about 17 US$).


Bali Kite & Surf Pro Shop

Jalan Cemara 72, Sanur, Tel. 0361 - 284260


Open 7 days a week from 10:30am to 10:00pm

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