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At 1:09pm on Tuesday July 6 2010, Paul "Felts" Felton passed away peacefully at Armadale Hospital, surrounded by his family, his friends & his music.

Paul was a respected world class guitar player, a friend and mentor to the many musicians he befriended and helped and a legend to all his fans locally and around the world.

Like the many greats who have fallen before him, Felts will always live on in our hearts and our memories through his love of life and of course his music.

My personal favourite and a number highlighting Paul’s guitar genius, titled “Bali Sunset” appeared on his 2008 album “Paul Felts in Retro – Looking Back”. Track one on that album has got to be the most wicked rendition of “House Of The Rising Sun” you are ever gonna wanna to hear.

Sample Paul's music here:


While Paul was a renowned blues/rock guitarist in his own right, he is also best remembered for his 10 year stint in Perth's 'no holds barred' rock band The JETS.

Along with other members Peter Dean (vox/bass), Johnny Oungar (drums) and Steve Garde (guitar) the unique style and 'Hard Rock' approach of The JETS band became very popular amongst the bourbon/beer-drinking crowd, and quickly evolved into a huge fan-base. The band always played to packed venues, including The RAFFLES HOTEL in Perth where they played more than any other band. In 2003 saw the closure of THE RAFFLES, and as a special tribute The JETS were invited to rock the joint for the very last time. The JETS also struck a chord with the bikie movement, playing most of the tattoo shows and bikie festivals,

including Bindoon Rock and Sandhurst Run. They played eight out of ten shows at Bindoon Rock, often upstaging the main acts.


In March of 2010 a benefit gig was held for Felts to help raise funds to assist Paul with the cost of the medications to treat his cancer. Performers on the night: Dave Hole, Matt Taylor, Lindsay Wells, John Meyer, The Bob Patient Band, Rob Riley (Rose Tattoo), Hells Bells,

Pete Romano & The Gators, Cyclone Tracey, Ivan Zar, Empire Blues, Rick Steele, Sue Bluck, Gerard Maunick, Simon Cox, Clayton Black, Izin and Cindy Stevens made the night a huge success and to continue the support of our West Coast Guitar God and great friend another

benefit night was being arranged for July 2010 but sadly now this will become a tribute gig and a celebration of Paul Felton’s life,


“JETS - A Reason To Rock” will be held at The Charles Hotel on Saturday, July 24 with part proceeds to The Cancer Council of Western Australia.

(see here:


Paul Felton's funeral will be held at the Fremantle Cemetery on Wednesday July 14, 2010 at 2 pm.Cnr Carrington Street and Sainsbury Road, Fremantle. ~ All Welcome To Attend.

“Paul's presence will be sorely missed, Felts joins the guitar greats who have gone before him,perhaps to play a raging rendition of All Along The Watchtower at the greatest gig in the sky.” [Guitar Gods Australia website].

and finally here is the gentler side of the big man they called “FELTS”....please turn up your sound and enjoy.

On behalf of your many fans in Bali Paul - *** Rest In Peace Mate ***

Our deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to Paul's wife Peta, his family and the Perth Blues community at this time.


Article by DonRon

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UPDATE : Monday 23 August 2010

Written on 08/23/10 at 08:37:47 GMT by Admin

A Message from Peta Felton:

If you ever wondered if your words of comfort, card, flowers or thoughts made a difference let me tell you they surely do.

I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for so much generosity, love & support over the last few months.

All who came to Paul's funeral & wake who made it such a memorable 'send-off', truly a celebration of his life. Paul, I'm sure, loved it all, especially the motor bike escort.

Thanks to Joe & Express mag, ProCopy, Guitar Gods site, Bob Patient & the Blues Club, Charles Hotel, Wayne Curnow, Deany & the Jets & all their extended family, fans & friends for such a fantastic night at the Charles & Paul's tribute roast night - another incredible night of music with all his fellow musos & friends.

Its been a very emotional time but we've also had some wonderful moments too.

Thanks also to my close friends who've kept me 'propped-up', & Paul's close mates Rowsty, Daley, Geoff, Pete & Paul T. And the wonderful crew at the Southern River Tavern.

Paul left strict instructions how to finish his last cd, & we've also unearthed some Bag O Bones circa '76, '78.

Many thanks also to all those in Bali & especially his favourate band there 'Crazy Horse'.

Life is certainly not to be taken for granted, but the love you leave makes it a better place.

With much appreciation, love & thanks,

Peta Felton & Paul's Family.

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