Need a pair of specs ? Well there is a place in Bali that is so so cheap. I picked up this article while browsing the net: "When in Bali in February, we went to Carrefours to do some shopping. After going through the check out, I noticed an optical store opposite. They had a sale on and I started looking at the frames. Adrian, who works in the store advised that I could get a pair of prescription glasses, which I so seriously wear (I am blind without) for IDR Rp 375 000 (AUS $46). There were so many frames to choose from and I settled on the first ones I saw – red. The same ones are about $300 in Australia. Honestly, they had all the brands and so much choice, more than what we get here in Darwin with the couple of optical stores we have here. As I had no idea what my script was, he check the glasses I was wearing to see if they had what I needed in stock. They did and guess what? My new glasses could be ready in 20 minutes, if we wanted to get something to eat and come back. That is exactly what we did. The glasses are fantastic. They were properly fitted and have caused no grief – the script is spot on. On top of it, I have had so many compliments about them, that I am so seriously thinking of going back and getting a few other colours! So tell me, why in Darwin does it cost so much and it takes two weeks for your glasses to be made up and why do they have to hold onto the script. Yes, this shop wrote down my script for me in case I wanted to have glasses made up somewhere else. By the way, they can do bi-focals but will need two days. This is still quicker than the two weeks we have to wait here." They also stock ACUVUE contact lenses at a fraction of the prices at home. Checkout the website for more info:


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