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Whenever in Bali, we never miss the opportunity to visit and shop in Carrefour.

I love the fact that this store is a hypermart and has absolutely everything including fridges, electronics, television in every imaginable size, MP3 players, digital cameras, suitcases, stationery, anything for the kitchen, clothing for men, women and children, shoes, toys, pet items and of course a fully loaded supermarket.

We bought clothing for our son, my husband bought some shorts, we bought out favourite Nescafe three in one sachets, Tiger Balm (only $1 a bottle), toiletries etc. We always end up doing a good shop here.


Previously I bought wooden trays for our home, spoons to be used for dishing out rice and curry (these spoons I only ever seem to find in Asia), Nivea skin lotion, clothing, household items etc.

What always amazes me is the huge range to select from, the quality of the produce and the freshly cooked food that is available to buy.


The top row, far left picture is just the range of sausages available! The abundance of quality fruit and vegetables puts Australia to shame – what are we first world and Indonesia is what? Third world I hear you say! The bakery treats, it was so hard to choose, but we did end of with a cake which was so yummy.

Another thing I love about shopping at Carrefour is that you can use you pin number to make purchases therefore technically EFTPOSing your transaction – how cool is that, straight out of your savings account. All our purchases, which was quite a few bags full came to $70 Australian dollars – I was very happy with that.


Located on Sunset Road and they have the best taxis in town servicing the Centre, Blue Bird Taxis.

I will also write about some of the other stores in the complex as there are other good bargains to be had in the shopping complex

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