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Bali is but one of over seventeen thousand islands that make up the nation of Indonesia, and Bali has some of the most prolific fishing grounds in the Indonesian archipelago.

Fishing cannot be separated from Balinese history and its daily life. For centuries local Balinese fishermen have trolled these local waters in search of food mainly the baitfish and Spanish mackerel that populate Bali's rich warm tropical waters. Farther out, Jukung sailboats (traditional twin outrigger canoe) have plied the waters off Nusa Penida for prized red snapper and with the rise of the insatiable Japanese market in the late 1980s, fleets of fishing boats now base themselves at Benoa, which has also become Bali's sport fishing base. There are now dozens of fishing tour operators to take tourist for a day out game fishing or bottom fishing the close offshore reefs around Bali. Seasonally there are Spanish Mackerel (Tengiri), Trevally, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Barracuda, Wahoo, and Sailfish in the waters around Bali. These you catch by trolling. Bottom fish species include Snapper, Grouper and many other kinds of reef fish. Encompassing and area from Uluwatu to Nusa Penida and Lembongan. On Bali's East Coast you run trips year-round. Even in the rainy season you have long dry periods of good fishing weather. Near Nusa Penida, several species of dolphin, whales, sharks, and giant manta rays are found. Below the 100 meter high cliffs at Nusa Penida is the habitat of large tuna. The area off the southwestern coast is known for big yellowfin tuna, and off the coast of Candidasa and the south coast of Lombok game fish anglers target sailfish and black marlin. Many tourists visiting Bali want to head off for a day’s sports fishing, some want to pick up a bargain on some tackle gear. We hope you will find this information helpful: BALI TACKLE SHOPS & FISHING TOUR CHARTERS Puri Pancing Jl. Diponegoro No.127 Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia 80223 Phone: 0361-224-858 Fax: 0361-247-343 Email Adhek Sports Fishing Jl. Cenigan Sari VII No. 30 Denpasar Bali - Indonesia 80223 Phone: +62 361 721685 Fax: +62 361 710471 Mobile: 0811388772 (Local) E-Mail: Web: Bali Sport Fishing Jl. Cenigan Sari VII No. 30 Denpasar Bali - Indonesia 80223 Phone/Fax: 0363-41424 Mobile: 085237085081 (Local) E-Mail: Web: Xplore Sports Fishing Charters Istana Kuta Galeria, 2nd Floor Blok BW No. 3A Jalan Patih Jelantik, Kuta, Bali 80361, INDONESIA Phone: +62 361 9260823 / 8840151 Fax: +62 361 769088 E-Mail: Web: Ena Fishing Discovery Jl. Tirta Ening # 1 Sanur - Denpasar 80227 Bali Indonesia Phone: + 62 361 288829 Fax: + 62 361 287945 E-mail: Web: WisataPancing Fishing Charters Nuansa Udayana V/6 Jimbaran Badung Bali Indonesia Phone: +62 81 236 29717 Email: Web: Bali-Fishing.Com E-Mail: Web:


BALI TACKLE SHOP REPORT by Hotbite member “JustOneMoreCast” (aka The Salmon Assassin) With flights so cheap now days skipping off to Bali for a week seems to be the best bet for value for your money so Leah and I make it over there at least twice a year. I always seem to see a post about where to find good fishing tackle when fishos head over every few months or so. So I thought to myself I’ll head over to visit as many as I can to suss out what's good and what's not and make a detailed report for you all. Before we left I searched up a few and made a list of about 7 mainly around Denpasar. We ended up only visiting 5 all up. The ones we visited were: 1. Puri Pancing - Jl. Diponegero 127 Denpasar (Tel- 224 85 Puri Pancing is a professional setup where you can walk in and stroll through the shop at your own pace or ask the friendly guys and girls what you want (all good English speaking) with majority of their gear downstairs from high end Okuma Salina's, Ajiking, Ryobi, Penn reels and all types of good jigging sticks down to bream gear. They have an upstair's Shimano setup which is amazing it’s like a top end fisherman's dream with Stellas, Oceanjiggers, Torsas, Jigwrex you name it they have it. The prices on these are quite close to Perth but I’ say you’d save about $200 on say a 20000 model Stella. Here I also got a few jigs for Sambo's, Okuma depth braid, jigs for Demersal, shock leaders and an awesome Jigwrex copy by Shino jigging rod rated Pe 1-3. The tackle came to 552,000RP which is around $65 aussie and my rod was $568000Rp which was around say another $70. So stoked with my rod just hope it can bring me that big one. 2. Ud. Karunia - which was previously called Pancing Indah - Jl. Kartini 83 Blok A-1 (Tel- 224 603) Another well setup shop, walk in and either just search at your pace or ask the friendly people. Here I found the English was okay but there was one lady who spoke just that little bit better so I dealt with her. Searching through their rods they had some big names Leemax, Daiwa, Penn but their reels were cheapies. Their jigs were great they had Fanky jigs and a few other no name Demersal jigs. So I cleaned them up buying all there Fanky's ranging from 10gr all the way to 200gr. All priced so good that I asked for more but they said that’s all they have, buying so many I asked for a discount and the owner, (a big dude) came to the party. All up I bought about 12 jigs here for about $80. 3. Creweys - off Poppies Lane 2, in Gang Bedugal, No.23 Kuta. Crewey's is owned by a Darwin guy. So prices were a little steep and the gear was pretty average. Everything they sold here I pretty much saw cheaper but I did score a rod bag that was a cylinder type for about $20 which was a good price and can be used time and time again for trips away. 4. Lautan Mas - Jl Imam Bonjol 1 Pretty small shop situated on a corner, and you can look from the outside but you have to ask as you can actually walk in. I saw a few saltists and tld's but prices were same as here, what was cheap was shimano calcuttas. Only thing we bought here were some jigging gloves for Leah. 5. Disini Menjual Produk - ( I don’t have the exact address but its 2 streets back from Bemo corner, if you tell your taxi driver take me to Pancing aka pun-cheng shop near bemo corner in Kuta they will know. It’s a descent shop where you can walk in, owner speaks good English but he's not there all the time and his daughter will take over her English isn’t too good but if you explain what you want she seems to get it right after a while. Good range of jigging rods here, reels are okay with Salinas, Penns, Banax. Fishing Trips - I also met the main man for a charter in Bali named Eddie (from Fast Eddies Fishing Charter). He's a well off Balinese bloke that seems to be able to put you onto some fish. He showed me his pics on his laptop and he's jigged up Amber's, Ruby Snapper and popped up some horse GT's and Mackies. His prices are: 1.5 million RP for a 4 hour trip on a traditional style boat which is about $200 and 3million RP for a whole day on a 7m boat which looked like a Bayliner or something. His mobile is 0361 7810415 or home 0361 762583. So all in all it was a fun trip trekking around Bali seeing the tackle we use as well as their tackle that you see people wading up to their heads fishing for tiny whitebait on their beaches. But my advice is make a list with addresses and contact numbers if you can find them and then give it to your taxi driver. Also try to keep the same driver for the whole day as it makes it easier not waiting and saving money. BALI FISH SPECIES As mentioned the predominant fish species targeted in Bali waters are Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Rainbow Runner, Blue Tuna and Giant Trevally. Sail Fish are also occasionally hooked up around the Candidasa area. Across the straits and to the south coast of Lombok island the avid angler will find the illusive Black Marlin. Favorite spot for Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and the big tuna species is just off the cliff faces of Nusa Penida island.


These “close to the wall” locations are also favorite locations for GT’s (Giant Trevally), in 20-30 kg range. Sea conditions on average favor the fisherman because the increased chop also heightens fish activity. Big Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo and Dog Tooth Tuna love the ledges and drop drop-offs that surround the coast, here running baits wide out on the outriggers makes a tempting target for these big predators. Out from the south westerner tip of Bali and following the bait fish schools, lurk the big Yellow Fin Tuna. When the fish are “on”, the whole ocean is alive and dolphin pods can be seen feed hungrily off the bait schools while birds kamikaze into the frenzy. Trolling the perimeters of these schools brings some of the big action. BALI FISHING VIDEOS


Bali Tide Charts & Sea Conditions Tides go to Indo Surf : Seas go to Wind Guru : Bali Fishing Information Blog What a ripper blog and a must read if you are considering wetting a line in Bali. Go to: ….and a last word on tackle shops……(from Filo’s Bali pages): “There are some real bargains to be had on genuine brand name gear such as Shimano but you need to know your home prices to locate them. There are four shops close to the markets and the Ramayana Department store in Denpasar. The proprietors are friendly enough to direct you to each other’s shop if you get to one of them. Try two very close to one another on the corner of Jl Imam Bonjol and Hasanuddin.” * There is also some tackle downstairs in Matahari’s, Denpasar but this is mainly small stuff for river fishing. * Also Sulawesi Street and Toko Lautan Mas at No 1 Imam Bonjol at Denpasar end. Also just around the corner from here, Istana Pancing on Jl Diponegoro, No 201 Pasar Sangiah Lantai No 3. This is a Shimano outlet. * CV Puri Pancing, Jl Diponegoro 127, Denpasar. 'Fisherman's Heaven'. Ph 224 858, e-mail * UD. Sumber – Laut, Jl Sulawesi No 54, Denpasar. Ph (0361) 224 501 Fax (0361) 222 671. Open 8-4 except Sunday. * ’Pancing’ shop, between No 359 and 245Jl Raya Sesetan opposite Government offices (Department Pertanian). Shop is on the right coming from Benoa heading to Denpasar. * 'Irianjaya' at Jaya Central Pancing has good English language skills and is very helpful. 'Best range of gear in Bali'. Penn reels at about 60% of Aust prices; hooks size 2/0 at Rp35,000/100 box. That’s about Aus$6. A 2 minute walk from BIMC going towards Sanur. * One of the best tackle shops is reputed to be in Denpasar at No1, Jl Imam Bonjol, at the intersection with Jl Hasanudin. Run by William and Susiana Ong (Ph (0361) 484 611) it's a cash only place so you'll need to have a full wallet. You'll also need to know what you're after as there is a front counter only and no shelves to browse along. * reopened in '09 was Aquarius Fishing Tackle Shop at Jl Bianganan No2, Kuta which is not too far from Matahari. Ph(1361) 852 8129. The stock seemed just as extensive as before. * In Sanur, two doors from the Massimo Restaurant towards Hardy's store and on the same side is a small but well stocked shop. * If you want advice about fishing trips/tours there is a pro who will give you good advice. Contact * Along the north coast try Made Menak (+62 081 747 238 75 if you want to go fishing. Recommended by Ibu Moire at the Pacung Indah hotel he can be found on the beach near Puri Bagus in Lovina. * Also in Lovina look for Robbie, a long-haired Dutchman from Kalibukbuk (he can usually be found by asking at the Sea Breeze restaurant near the Dolphin statue or by asking at the Rambutan Cottages in Lovina). © Source Material :;;

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