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FRESHMAX - Jams & Pickles *Made In Bali*

Published on 10/06/11 at 00:34:54 AEST by Admin


Company owner (Novi) and the FRESHMAX staff are committed to making the best Pickles and Jams in the world. They achieve this by using only the best organically grown fruits and vegetables that Bali has to offer.

Turning fresh vegetables into exquisitely tangy treats, that's what FRESHMAX does well.

FRESHMAX has tasty ideas, recipes and huge variety of delicious vegetables that are fresh and healthy. Only re-usable glass jars are used in the manufacturing process to help protect the environment from plastic waste, and thanks to careful and natural production the valuable components in fresh vegetables - vitamins, minerals and trace elements - are preservative, flavours or colouring and well suited for vegetarians.



10 years experience in Gourmet Preservation MAXFRESH Jams feature very unusual berries, fruits and combinations of fruits.

There is no Pektin used their all natural jams and preservative. Only all natural ingredients and with a minimum of 60% whole fruits are used in the jams. All preserves and jams come packaged with attractive fabric tops making them perfect for all kinds of gift giving. The pineapple jam is to die for and of course uses all natural Bali grown pineapples reknown for their intense sweet pineapple flavor.



FRESHMAX “delicatessen quality” pickles are made without the use of chemicals or Glutamate and with no added food colourings. Vegetables used ranges from mini-corn to pearl onions, paprika, green beans, zucchinis ,red chillies and mixed pickles. Add that little something extra to your meals with spicy and tangy vegetable titbits: for instance, as a pizza topping, in casseroles or even in soup.


Baby Corn “on the chop” is very popular and is produced from regular corn plants which are harvested in Bali early while the ears are very immature, resulting in small ears or baby corn. Depending on variety, kernels can be yellow, white, blue or even pink. Most canned baby corn from Indonesia isn’t grown organically, FRESHMAX Baby Corn is locally produced and has better flavor and texture than canned baby corn and is grown organically. Baby Corn as we know is also high in folate, B-vitamin; four ounces provides 31% of the regular daily allowance. It is a good source of several other nutrients too: the same serving size also provides 13 percent of the potassium, 14 percent of the B-6, 10 percent of the riboflavin, 17 percent of the vitamin C and 11 percent of the fiber that adults need each day. Yellow corn also contains carotenoids, two of which are substances that may help prevent coronary artery disease, certain cancers, and cataracts. In particular, yellow corn is abundant in two carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein, which keep eyes healthy. The more yellow the corn is, the more carotenoids it contains, since these compounds provide plants with color.

Taste the FRESHMAX difference:


For more information please visit their website:

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