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Sanur’s southern end near Hotel Sanur Beach is undergoing some major changes, with several new hotels & condos currently under construction.

There are also many new restaurants and bars opening in the area to cater for the growing development and the many tourists who are attracted to the new establishments like moths to a streetlamp. Linga Longa Bar is one of the new breed of Warungs that are popping up around Sanur. Linga Longa’s owner Sumatran born Rolas and his lovely Aussie wife Kylie have created a very welcoming atmosphere here with street front bar and inside tables and lounge settings. Rolas is a very talented entertainer who sings and plays guitar and around 9pm each evening after finishing their gigs at various local hotels and restaurants in the area, Rolas's musician mates join him in a jam session at the bar which usually continues into the wee small hours. Their music is a great mixture of western pop favorites and traditional Indonesian Batak music.


Every Sunday night the Linga Longa Bar is packed…… why ? Well the reason is simple, they have introduced Babi Guling to the Sunday night menu. Babi Guling (or suckling roasted pig) is cooked on a spit rotisserie during the afternoon right outside the Warung and it’s the aroma that fills the air that fills the bar by nightfall. At 7pm sharp its dismounted from the spit roast, where its skillfully dissected and served with a salad bar, rice and bread rolls, and at 40,000Rp a pop it’s an absolute bargain as some restaurants are known to charge 120,000Rp or more for this traditional festive dish. For more information visit: http://www.LingaLongaBali.com WHERE TO FIND IT:


NEXT WEEK : We take a look at the Sindu Guest House one of many new or renovated B&B’s/Inns that are coming onto the tourist market and are raising the standards bar for operators of Budget accommodation in Sanur. Until then……Happy Travels

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