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To all our My Bali Guide friends we'd like to share this video with you all. It's Bali singer/songwriter Brianna Simorangkir featuring in a new Sony Music Video with the band "Superman Is Dead" (sometimes referred to simply as S.I.D) is a punk rock band hailing from Bali. Formed in Kuta, the double platinum band has a huge following in Indonesia with accolades including: MTV Awards “Exclusive Artist of the Month”, Sony Music “Double Platinum for their Kuta Rock City Album”, MTV Awards “Most Favorite New Artist”, AMI Awards “The Best New Artist”, SCTV Music Awards “The Most Famous Album Nominee, Pop Rock Category”, AMI Awards “The Best Rock Album Nominee”, The Beat Awards “The Best Local Band”, Rolling Stone “Best Indonesian Album 2006 for The Black Market Love Album”. Opening Act for American Punk Rock Band NOFX, Rolling Stone “Best Indonesian Album for Kuta Rock City Album”, to name but a few. Great exposure for Brianna…….Bali's rising “Rock Star”.….and after watching this clip I’m sure a career as an actress wouldn’t go wasted either. Go get em Brianna !!!! Please if you like it share it with friends….Terima Kasih

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