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BALI AIRPORT INFORMATION Airport Name: (Denpasar) Ngurah Rai International Airport Address: Jl. Raya, Denpasar 80361, Bali, Indonesia Airport Code: DPS Country Code: 62 Telephone: (0361) 751 011 Arrival Tax: VOA (Visa On Arrival) USD$35 / 30 days visa Departure Tax: 200,000Rp Airport Website: AIRPORT LAYOUT MAP


VOA costs US$35 for a 30 day tourist visa. When you arrive you purchase a VOA voucher then line up for Immigration (SEE AIRPORT MAP ABOVE). Bali airports Immigration counters are notoriously slow and depending on the time of day and how many aircraft land together it can take up to 2 hours sometimes longer to clear the airport. VIP-VOA – Cost AUD$30 p/person This service by-passes the long queues at the Immigration counters. You are met shortly after stepping off the aircraft (before the arrival hall). You hand over your passport, arrival card and US$35 for your VOA. You are then fast tracked thru the arrival process and are usually outside the airport 15 mins after landing regardless of how many planes land at once. Once outside you pay your VIP escort the AUD$30. For more info contact Murti her email is:



There are 3 (pay to enter) airport lounges available at Ngurah Rai Airport terminal. All 3 lounges are accessed from the 2nd floor departures areas. Once you pay your departure tax and go thru immigration you will be accosted by several employees from these establishments inviting you to come to their lounge.

UPDATE (July 2014) There is only one lounge operating at the new airport and that is the Business Class Lounge. You will need to be the holder of a full Business Class ticket to gain access.

There is no decision if/when the lounges below that operated at the old terminal will re-open at the new terminal.

THE DEWA LOUNGE LOCATION: Next to Gate 7 R/H side (walk-in 2nd floor & upstairs 3rd floor) ENTRY PRICE: 100,000Rp PHOTOS & MORE INFO HERE: Dewa Is a twin lounge with walk-in area on 2nd floor a non-smoking lounge and upstairs a smoking lounge. As well as computer internet it also has free Wi-Fi for your own laptop use (get a password from the reception desk). UPDATE JAN 2011: The Dewa Lounge has now been closed until further notice. PRADA LOUNGE LOCATION: Opposite Gate 6 L/H side (downstairs 1st floor) ENTRY PRICE: 150,000Rp (although this can be bargained down to 100,000Rp at times) PHOTOS & MORE INFO HERE: Prada usually ask 150,000 at the door but I’ve always bluffed it for 100,000 threatening to cross the floor and go to Dewi. It is on the opposite side from Dewa/Dewi in between gates 6&7 in other words you walk past the Prada on your left to get to Dewa/Dewi which is on the right. Prada is a downstairs lounge and therefore has no views. It has a glassed in smokers room area inside the main lounge. There is Wi-Fi available but it’s not free. PREMIER LOUNGE LOCATION: Near Gate 2 (upstairs on 3rd floor) ENTRY PRICE: 250,000Rp MORE INFO HERE: The Premier Lounge is a tad more upmarket with the furnishings, has a better range of alcohol spirits and finger food but its more than double the price of the other two. Computers for internet available but very slow. There is no Wi-Fi available. This lounge can get a bit crowded at time because most major airlines for their business class passengers who get free entry via voucher at check-in. WHAT IS OFFERED: All are similar in offerings: Tea, Coffee, softdrinks, juices, (Premier probably better for selection of spirits), Dewa has Bintang on tap and some spirits. Price entitles you to shower and toilet facilities, internet use (some with Wi-Fi), TV and comfortable lounges in air-conditioned comfort while you wait for your flight.



Arrange with your airline when you book to have "meet and assist" and a wheelchair at both airports and mention this again when you check-in at the airport. Standard airline protocol is that you are boarded first onto the plane but in Bali you are the last off the plane but that doesn't matter if you have "meet and assist" because you are zoomed through without queuing VOA (Visa On Arrival) etc…to the baggage collection and customs area. They will normally allow only the person in the wheelchair and one other to go through express (exception is small children), so if you have a large group the others will need to go through the usual queuing (unless an “incentive” is offered and accepted by the meet and assist person). On the return flight home from Bali ask one of the cabin staff to call ahead and arrange a wheelchair for you. Again, you will be first on and last off the plane.



All lounges record your boarding pass info at time of entry and "should" inform you when your flight is about to board (however don’t simply rely on that happening)keep an eye on the time yourself. If you have a laptop computer with Wi-Fi you can keep track of your flight status here:


Read reviews posted by travellers in and out of Bali regularly.

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