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There are many enquiries from members of the Bali Travel Forum (BTF) about dentists in Bali. During our trip to Bali in June 2007 we paid a visit to the Bali Dental Clinic situated in the Kuta Mall Galleria. This surgery is operated by Dr Rudyard (Rudy) Salindeho a western trained doctor of dentistry. The surgery is easy to find inside the Kuta Galleria shopping mall next to Planet Hollywood and opposite the sculpture of Dewa Ruci the Balinese water god (pictured below). HOW DO I GET THERE ???


I should say that as a child I was subjected to some pretty prehistoric dentistry, just the thought of a dentist visit, even for just a check up was terrifying, and almost always was never “just a check up” usually resulting in several follow up visits, not to mention the invasion of my mouth by what sounded and felt like construction equipment so I am not a person who frequents the dentist often, rather only when absolutely necessary.

The first thing you will notice when you walk into the Bali Dental Clinic is how modern the surgery is, I mean before our visit to Dr Rudy’s clinic my vision of a dentists surgery in Bali bordered on a cross between Frankenstein’s Laboratory and The Little Shop Of Horrors. Well what a surprise, the Clinic is equipped with all the trappings and modern equipment you would expect to find in any well appointed western surgery, and the place was immaculately clean and well presented.



When my 23 y.o. son Adam fractured a tooth in a fall shortly on arrival in Bali this June, we decided to find a local dentist rather than wait for our return to Australia. Fortunately, I had printed out a list of medicos and dentists in case of such an emergency and was fortunate enough to call Dr. Rudy’s number first, (we were staying in Sanur so he was also the closest clinic to us).

I explained my situation to the lady on the phone (who incidentally spoke perfect English), and she seemed very reassuring. She told me to bring Adam over straight away and within half an hour he was in the chair. Dr Rudy finished his examination (which included a couple of x-rays) and provided us with his quotation on the spot.

Adam hadn’t seen a dentist for a number of years and consequently had some nine fillings required as well as the front crown to repair the broken tooth and a full clean. All up the quote came to around $750 aussie dollars. I remember paying just on $1500 for my last crown here in Australia and that was 4-5 years ago, so we were over the moon with the price.

While in the chair he had all the filling work done there and then and was also prepared for the front crown. Two days later we returned and had the crown fitted and the final clean. The work done was sensational, Adam now has the perfect smile. The whole family was so impressed by Dr Rudy’s work that we are all booking in to have dental work done by him on our next visit to Bali (we figure the savings will pay for the whole holiday).

For more information please email Dr Rudy and let him know that you are coming over, his contact details are below:



Mal Bali Galeria, 2nd floor 2c 58-59

Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci Kuta.

(There is also a surgery in Denpasar see the website for details).

Phone: 0361-766255 (within Bali)

Phone: 62-361-766255 (from overseas)


Email: OR

UPDATE: Dr Rudy recently moved his surgery. He is still in the Bali Mall Galleria.

They are now on the 2nd floor level above the ope courtyard.

Source material: (TinaG - photo)

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