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Bali Supermarket & Department Store Information There are many Supermarkets and Department stores opening all over Bali mainly to cater for the western tourist and ex-pats. The stores all have a similar aisle layout to grocery stores at home the main difference being of course that the labelling of most packaged products are not written in English but this adds to the shopping adventure. Generally shopping is much the same at home, you walk into the store, grab a basket or shopping trolley and serve yourself. Payment is made at the cashiers counter and in local currency (Rupiah). There are some of the larger department stores that will accept credit cards and travellers cheques but it pays to ask before you shop if they accept alternate methods of payment. By the way these department stores and supermarkets are fixed price, so if you try to barter you will be frowned upon. Going to the local marketplace or "Pasar" is best to buy fruit and vegetables fresh and cheaply in Bali however, bartering is necessary so you will need to be very up to date with local produce pricing to grab a good deal. Also, the produce sold in the Pasar although fresh (usually picked same day) is mostly direct from the market garden to the street sellers stall. Many things need to be checked, including inspection for disease, pests and insects etc… With supermarket shopping this is all done for you by the supermarket buyers who will ensure that the product is graded washed and cleaned, and most importantly free from pests and insects. Most grocery products that are made in Indonesia are relatively cheap when compared to similar products back home, however be prepared to pay up to 2-3 times the price back home for imported goods like cheese, chocolate and potato crisps for example. Carrefour is fast becoming the supermarket of choice by many ex-pats with 4 floors of stores and undercover parking. You can buy anything from everyday crocery items to Televisions and whitegoods, clothing, shoes and even a new motorbike. See this link to give you an idea of prices within the store: Here is a list of Major Supermarkets & Department Stores in Bali's major tourist areas:


Photos courtesy: TinaG & Burari Bali ©

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