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Things To Do And See In Bali

The island of Bali has many beautiful beaches (or “Pantai”), some that have golden or white sands in the South of the island changing to the coarse black (volcanic) sands of the east and west and in the North of the island.

Some are rocky with surf that is breathtaking and draws surfers from around the world and then there are other beaches that are as calm as a lake.

For families with kids who want to spend a day at the beach take a day out at Sanur Beach which is Bali’s oldest beaches, it has less surf because it sits inside a lagoon which is surrounded and protected by an offshore reef, its more sandy and it’s the best place on the island to see a beautiful sunrise.

Sanurs coastline is divided into 3 main beach areas with Sanur Beach in the centre with Sindhu Beach to the north and one of the most famous beaches Mertasari Beach to the south. You may notice during full moon and many other important days according to the Balinese lunar calendar, people come to Pantai Mertasari for the purifying ritual, called “Melukat”. The most simplest offerings consist of flowers (called “Canang Sari”) is placed on the sands with a lit incense stick by the side as the invitation to ask the Lord for cleanliness and purity.

Mertasari Baech

Mertasari Beach in southern Sanur like any water sources in Bali, including the ocean (“Segara” in Balinese) are seen to be sacred by Hindu’s for the purpose of religion processions. The ocean is the element in which to cleanse the sins and where “Dewa Baruna” the manifest of God dwells to grant the Holy Water (“Tirta”) to purify the body and soul. During the procession of a cremation (called “Ngaben”), the deceased ashes are also immersed in the sea. On “Melasti”, (days prior to “Nyepi” Day) all sacred symbols are also bathed in the ocean to be cleansed.

Beach Activities at Pantai Mertasari

Unlike tourists, most locals find the weather on the beach unbearable at noon. It’s too hot even though they are used to the climate. Most locals take their kids to the beach just after sunrise up to 9 am. Tourists however flock to the beach at all times of the day, that’s what they come for, the sand and the sea, but a word of warning a good sunscreen is a must!

Things To Do In Sanur Bali

Due to its sheltered waters and close inshore reef diving and snorkling is very popular, but there are many activities at Mertasari and Sanur beaches like parasailing behind a boat, waterski and jetski hire, stand up paddle board, windsurfing, kite surfing and canoes are always available.

There are also Bicycles for rent and the 5klm long paved beach cycle track connecting Mertasari, Sanur and Sindhu beaches is so much fun with market stalls, beach bars and restaurants along the way to refresh the body and soul. A morning or afternoon bicycle guided tour (3hrs) is also available and takes in Sanur’s famous beaches as well as other unique places of interest that many tourists don’t get to see.

Sanur Cycle Tours Bali

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