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While Premium Fuel Prices Decline, Gasoline Still Costs More in Bali than the Rest of Indonesia

Many in Bali are complaining that the recently reduced cost of premium gas to Rp. 7,950 per liter is unfair inasmuch as it is the highest price charged nationally for gasoline.

As reported by,citizens in Bali complain that the higher price paid by the Balinese fails to take into account the condition of the local economy as a whole. One Balinese, Made Sudarma, who works at a hotel in Nusa Dua, said the price of Rp. 7,950 per liter was unjust, while other regions of Indonesia are only paying Rp. 7,600 per liter. “Setting the price (at this level) is not fair - other regions are only paying Rp. 7,600 per liter, but in Bali the price is Rp. 7.950 per liter. Why isn't the price the same everywhere in Indonesia?” commented Sudarma. He added that the higher price was a burden for the people of Bali, particularly the poor. The price of many basic necessities have increased recently, making the higher gasoline price in comparison to other regions all the more burdensome. On January 1, 2015, the Government suspended fuel subsidies for Premium gasoline allowing the price to follow world market prices. As a result, the cost of Premium reduced from Rp. 8.500 per liter to Rp. 7,600 per liter. But, because of a local tax applied to the price of fuel in Bali, the price is now Rp. 7,950 per liter.

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