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Jakarta State carrier Garuda Indonesia will re-include the passenger service charge (PSC) or airport tax into its ticket price from 1 February 2015. The integrated pricing policy will affect passengers who will utilize the airline’s service from 1 March 2015 onwards.

“For passengers flying before 1 March 2015, the ticket price will not include the PSC upon purchase. However, (they) still have to pay the PSC at the airport upon checking in,” said Pujobroto, the Vice President of Corporate Communications of Garuda Indonesia on Sunday (25 Jan 2015).

According to Pujobroto, passengers who have bought air tickets before 1 February 2015, but are flying after 1 March 2015, will still have to pay tax at the airport. The new integrated pricing policy is in accordance to the policy issued by the Air Transport Directorate of the Transportation Ministry on 9 September 2014, on ‘Passenger Service Charge’ on air ticket.

The provision of tax in air tickets involves a number of parties, including airport operators PT Angkasa Pura I & II, airlines and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The implementation of the PSC on air ticket is in accordance to standard imposed by the IATA.

“The provision (of including airport tax in ticket price) applied to all domestic and international carriers flying from and to Indonesia,” said Pujobroto.

With this policy in placed, passengers do not have to pay PSC during the time of check in at the airport, which facilitate more comfort and convenience at the airport.

Garuda Indonesia has previously collaborated with airport operators in integrating airport tax into its ticket price from October 2012. However, the airline scraped the policy in September 2014, citing loss in profit due to decreasing competitiveness as a result of the seemingly higher ticket price.


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