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While you are wandering around in Sanur, it may be well worth your time to meander down and visit one of my favoutite spots.

This is the small restaurant area just south of the Mercure Hotel. Slowly stroll south along the paved beachfront path until you come across a couple of restaurants that have a few tables and chairs set up on the beach. For those of you who have trouble with directions just keep your left hand (the one with the watch on it) closest to the ocean.

You will finally come across a small restaurant named Kesuma. This is the place to get Sanur's best fresh grilled fish and king prawns and other seafoods grilled to perfection and not cremated as you will find at many of Jimbarans more hyped up tourist venues.

The location is really unique in the fact that you watch the sun rise over the water AND watch the sun set over the water whilst sitting at the same spot. Just to clear up any misunderstanding here, these two events do not actually happen at the same time, plus you have to face in different directions, but I will leave that for you to figure out. Once you get there you will understand what I am writing about.

This area was once the haven for young ladies of the evening, but (sorry guys) it has been cleaned up and is now a beautiful spot for an evening stroll and romantic beachside meal. I would suggest getting down there soon, before someone decides to "develop" the place by knocking down the small warungs and building a concrete jungle that matches the Kuta foreshore.

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