The Ministry of Tourism has allocated the highest amount of funding for tourism promotional efforts to Bali over any other province in Indonesia.

According to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, the Provincial Government is set to receive Rp. 100 billion. It is understood the Tourism Office’s of Jakarta and Batam have been allocated the second and third highest amounts respectively.

“We will look at the origin of tourists for prioritising the funds, the number one is Australia, then China and then Japan,” said Yahya. “We must be proficient with our advertising for each of the countries,” added Yahya. This comes ahead of Paris Hilton’s arrival in Bali which according to Jakarta-based marketing expert, Hermawan Kartajaya, has lead to a spike in interest in Bali especially by social media users.

Hilton has been active on her Instagram profile posting photos of her visit, which has included a tour to the Monkey Forest and a stay at the W Hotel. “The digital promotion of Bali by Hilton has no cost to it, so it is very effective,” said Kartajaya.

Source: Kompas, Travel Detik

Image source: facebook/parishilton

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