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Bali’s Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has reported that seaweed production for the same period in 2014 has plummeted 42% for the regencies of Badung, Klungkung and Buleleng.

According to a representative of the Department, I Made Gunaja, drastic conversion of seaweed farms into tourist attractions has occurred with production at Pandawa Beach and Kutuh Beach falling dramatically. Official statistics show that seaweed production has fallen from 145,597 tons to 84,320 tons.

“Because the land is used for tourists, the seaweed farmers are now switching professions to join the tourism sector,” said Gunaja. Gunaja also claims that due to unfavourable weather conditions, production fell, thus the Government plans on introducing the red seaweed, which is resistant to adverse weather conditions, for farming activities. With this transition to red seaweed, Gunaja believes production could reach as high as 300,000 tons per year.

Source: Bisnis

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