Police Launch Massive 14-Day Crackdown on Street Crime During First Half of February 2015

The Bali Police have launched a 14-day crackdown on crime code-named “The People’s Ailment” (Operasi Penyakit Masyarakat – PEKAT) intended to reduce criminal activities that are causing, in the eyes of the Police, public discontent.

“This operation is to treat the people’s ills,” said a police spokesperson on Thursday, February 5, 2015.

The spokesperson told that the police crackdown is intended to prevent and repress activities such as purse snatching, strong arm extortion, the distribution of alcohol, prostitution, pick-pocketing and other street crime. The Bali crackdown is part of a 14-day nation-wide program coordinated by the National Police Headquarters.

In Bali some 500 police officers drawn from a number of departments are being mobilized to areas identified as high-crime areas that include tourism objects and transportation terminals.

The Bali Police are arming hundreds of police with rifles with some officers deployed in plain clothes at the Ubung Bus Terminal in order to root out and deal with gangs and thugs operating in these areas.

Source: © Bali Discovery Tours

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