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A spokesman from the Dept. of Manpower and Transmigration has claimed many foreigners arriving to Bali are misusing their tourist visa by working on the island.

“We will coordinate with immigration authorities to monitor foreign tourists who come to Bali,” said Gusti Agung Sudarsana from the Dept. of Manpower in Denpasar on Sunday. He said he would ask for the data from the immigration authorities, which will then be used to determine the status of the foreign tourists’ visas.

“Immigration does not deny that visitors misuse tourist visas to find work in Bali. If foreigners want to work in Bali it is mandatory to obtain a work visa, not misuse a visit visa. This is not in accordance with its function,” said Sudarsana.

In addition to tourist visas, foreigners are also abusing the Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS) to find a job. For Sudarsana, it also must be dealt with firmly. “Many ‘rogue’ foreigners are misusing the tourist visa and KITAS to get the job done. We need to be firm to minimize abuse,” he said.

The policy, he said, will not work without the participation of the community. Therefore, he asked people to convey information when they find it. “Because the effectiveness of our work will not be maximized without the active participation of the community, the role of the community is very important,” said Sudarsana.

Source: The Beat Daily, Liputan6



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