Australian Consumer Groups Takes Aim at Indonesian AirAsia X Seeking Compensation for Cancelled Flight

The New Straits Times and Australia’s Herald-Sun report that Indonesian AirAsia X is facing an official Australian government probe for practices and procedures surrounding the last-minute cancellation of a flight service scheduled to commence on December 26, 2014 between Melbourne and Bali.

Australian travelers eagerly scooped up attractively priced tickets offered on Indonesia AirAsia X over the Christmas and New Year period with the first flight scheduled to leave on Boxing Day of last year.

Apparently, the Airline lacked the needed flight approvals from both the Indonesian and Australian governments. On Christmas day, one day before the scheduled start of service, passengers who had already bought tickets were given the choice of cancelling their holiday, purchasing tickets on more expensive airlines or flying a much longer, circuitous route of 13-hours duration to Bali via Kuala Lumpur.

An Australian consumer group – Choice has formally written to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission requesting an investigation be conducted against Indonesia AirAsia X.

The consumer group claims the Indonesian air carrier purposefully misrepresented its products to the Australian public, failing to deliver the promised product purchased.

The group is seeking compensation to the public for all out of pocket expenses caused by the 11th hour advice of cancellation to ticket holders.

More than one month after the promised new flight service between Melbourne and Bali was set to commence, Indonesia AirAsia X has apparently yet to obtain the needed approvals from Australian and Indonesia.

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