Foreign Visitor Survey Cites Trash, Traffic Jams and Airport Service as the most Irksome Part of a Bali Holiday and National Geographic (Indonesia) recent revealed to an audience in Bali the results of a survey among international visitors listing their comments and criticism surrounding their holiday on the Island.

Speaking at an open forum held at the Bajra Sandhi Field on Sunday, February 8, 2015, the governor shared 11 top topics of complaints listed by foreign tourists.

According to the Governor, the top five areas of complaint named in the survey were:

  • Trash and rubbish

  • Traffic jams

  • Long immigration lines at the airport

  • Customs service at the airport

  • Dishonest money changers

The governor promised to undertake steps to address the areas identified as main sources of complaints from Bali’s international visitors.

In closing his comments to the large audience, the Governor said: “Let’s fix these things, because my brothers and sisters, we live from tourism. Yes, we must make Bali green. Bali must become an organic island free of chemicals – no more chemicals anyone! Bali is fertile and must become evergreen.”

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