Minister of Transportation Orders Airlines Install Automated Ticketing Machines at Airports

Indonesian Minister of Transportation Ignasius Jonan who recently closed all airline ticketing office at Indonesian airports, is asking airlines to install automated ticketing machines at airports to serve people who arrive at an airport without having a ticket in hand.

The elimination of airline ticket offices was ordered by the Minister to eliminate ticket-scalping practices.

Hoping that all ticket offices will be closed by May, Ignasius told the Bali Post: “I don't want to see ticket lockets at the airport. Just replace the lockets with vending machines.”

The Minister’s comments were made at ceremonies in Jakarta at the launch of a new online system for the issuance of flight permits held on Monday, February 9, 2015,

The Minister of Transportation is calling on airlines to provide customer service representatives who will guide "go show" passengers to their flights, adding, “If the airlines can’t invest in this, then they should just close.”

Ignasius repeated that he was compelled to close airline ticket offices at airports because of the high level of activities by ticket scalpers (calo).

The Minister said that if any airport was unable to close their ticket office, he would not hesitate to transfer members of management at Angkasa Pura I and II to other positions. Angkasa Pura is the State-owned company that manages Indonesia’s main airports.

Minister Jonan is adamant that the introduction of automated ticketing machines at the airport is needed to maintain transparency in the process by which people obtain seats on Indonesian air carriers.

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