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Bali Aspires to Become a Regional Center for Yacht Tourism.

Barring unforeseen obstacles, by 2018 Bali’s southernmost Port of Benoa will transform into a modern cruise ship and yacht marina. Construction of the marina is expected to take 18 months.

Quoted by, Ali Sodikin, the CEO of PT Pelindo III Cabang Benoa, the State-owned company that manages the port, said on Monday, February 9, 2015: “Plans to create Benoa into a marina have been on the drawing board for the past 3 years. The construction requires only 18 months; but the permit process takes a long time.”

Ali said the marina plan received the approval of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika in 2013 who issued a permit for the project. Continuing, Ali added, "But, sadly, the mayor of Denpasar has yet to approve the marina plan and issue his recommendation that will allow the project to proceed,"

Ali said that the current pier at Benoa measure 306 meters long with plans to extend its total length to 600 metes. Final budgets for the renovation and upgrading will only be prepared once final permission and input from the Denpasar mayor is received.

“The marina bay will include a green zone for the planting of trees measuring 300 meters or more. The marina that we will prepare will be able to handle hundreds of yachts. The average price of a super yacht is Rp. 150 billion (US$12 million),” said Ali.

Ali also explained that the Marina Harbor would be home to garden areas, a shopping mall and a state of the art fish processing plant for the local fishing fleet.

“There will be an entertainment zone and space for restaurants and other facilities. With the creation of a marina visitors to Bali will increase and many jobs will be created. The security standards (for the marina) must meet the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) published by the United Nations,” Ali explained.

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