Bali Police Say Two-Letter Suffix on Bali License Plates (eg DK 1234 ABC) may Soon be Expanded to Three-Letters to Accommodate Vehicle Growth

Bali’s Traffic Police are now considering changing the two-letter suffix on Bali license plates to three-letters as the remaining supply of two-letter suffix plates is only sufficient for a further 1.5 years.

As reported by NusaBali, Djoni Widodo of the Bali Provincial Police told the press on Friday, February 6, 2015, that it is now taking an inventory of the remaining number of two-letter suffixes available for use on license plates needed to meet the demand of the steadily increasing number of new vehicles traveling Bali’s roads. “I have coordinated with all vehicle registry offices in Bali asking them to report their remaining supply of license plates, the number of mutated plates and the plate numbers of inoperable vehicle that are still available for use,” said Widodo.

Based on these reports and if its confirmed that the supply of new numbers are insufficient, police will commence planning the introduction of three-letter suffix plates.

Three-letter suffix plates are now in use in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta and other major metropolitan areas of the Country.

The remaining 1.5 years supply of license plates is based on rough calculations by the police that, if confirmed, will necessitate the introduction of a three-letter license plate in Bali.

Source: © Bali Discovery Tours

Image: Martin Brown Photography

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