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Seeking Reciprocation - Fair Dinkum ? Indonesia Decides Not to Extend Visa-Free Facility to Australia

After an initial announcement in October 2014 that Indonesia would extend visa-free-on-arrival for the nationals of China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Australia, the Jakarta Globe has published that Australia has been removed from the list due to Australia’s failure to reciprocate with a similar visa policy for Indonesians traveling to Australia.

Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has announced that Australia’s refusal to extend an equivalent courtesy to Indonesian travelers prompted the decision that will require Australian tourists to pay US$35 for a 30-day visit to Bali upon arrival in Indonesia.

Quoted by The Jakarta Globe, Yahya said: “Indonesia offers visa-free travel to countries that can offer us the same things. Australia requires a visa for every foreign tourist to enter the country. That means they won’t ever offer Indonesian tourists visa-free travel, even though we offer it to them.”

With nearly one million visitors each year, Australians are the biggest single source of foreign visitors for the Island of Bali.

Japan is in the process of extending free visas to Indonesian visitors. Discussions continue with South Korea, China and Russia to establish a reciprocal visa-free status.

Source: Bali Discovery Tours

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