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The General Manager of PLN Bali has described Bali’s electricity situation as critical with more than 26,000 customers currently waiting for service and the island experiencing rolling blackouts.

With repairs and routine maintenance disrupting the main line running from Gilimanuk, Bali’s supply has fallen short of what is required on the island. “The power in Bali is being disturbed. Conditions are critical because the new Celukanbawang power plant, capable of supplying 130 MW, has not yet entered the electrical system in Bali,” explained GM of PLN Bali, Syamsul Huda.

Huda reports that currently no new customers are able to get electricity and PLN are unable to give them any guarantees of service and the numbers waiting are accumulating. “Actually, we do not want this to be the case. But because the condition is very critical we have had to stop installation to new customers throughout Bali, “he said.

The new power plant is ready to go but has not been entered into the grid yet as a village measuring 300 meters long has asked that the lines be diverted. “The people asked that cables not pass through their village. Actually, the solution is already there, but now we have to divert the power lines and it takes a very long time. Citizens have to use existing channels while we build new power lines, the delays mean that there are many customers experiencing long waits to get connections,” he said.

Once the new power plant has been entered into the grid the situation will improve promises Huda, but PLN can’t guarantee when that will happen. “When Celukanbawang has entered the system there will be no rolling blackouts and new customers won’t have to wait,” he said.

Source: The Beat Daily, MetroTVNews


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