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Ngurah Rai Immigration have confirmed that five foreign nationals have been deported for illegally conducting Jehovah’s witness practices under a tourist visa. Two of the five were originally from the United States, identified as AM and DGL, two from Australia, identified as JRR and BJB and a French national with initials SGF.

“Apparently this organization has received permission from the Director General of Christian Guidance as a social organization, however the license granted to them was not to promote their beliefs onto others,” said Mohammad Saleh, Head of Supervision and Enforcement at Ngurah Rai’s Immigration Department.

“They visited residents, provided brochures, all of which are against their license under a tourist visa,” added Saleh. “They have been conducting activities since March 11. Officers arrested them when they were handing out brochures at the North Meteo Complex on Jl. Lotus 2 in Tuban promoting a Jehovah’s Witness event to be held on April 2,” concluded Saleh.

Source: Kompas,

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