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The Chairman of the Alcoholic Beverage Distribution Association (ADMA), Fredy Karmana, has spoken out about the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages throughout Indonesia.

The Minister of Trade has passed down a new regulation stating that low alcoholic beverages, including beer, are banned from mini markets and shops from April 16, a move that has seen as much as 50% of sales declining in Bali retail outlets. The ban has been criticized by other members of Bali’s provincial government, who claim the ban comes like a bolt of lightning for many Balinese who rely on sales of beverages to tourists for their livelihood. “We estimate70-80 percent of consumers of beer are foreign tourists. So, beer and foreign tourists (tourists) in Bali cannot be separated,” he said in Denpasar, on Monday.

At least 3000 merchants are affected by the ban, many fear they may lose their businesses. ADMA says that on average 5 million bottles of beer are consumed on the island each month, with many purchased from small shops and beach sellers. Hotels, cafes and restaurants will still be allowed to sell beer. Raids on local retailers began on Monday while local representatives in parliament claim that the ban is not relevant to Bali as it does not take into account the tourist culture.

Source: Republika


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