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The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) has confirmed the final proposal for the Benoa Bay reclamation has followed necessary legislation and is to be decided via democratic vote.

The Director General of Coastal areas and Small Islands (KP3K) of the MMAF, Sudirman Saad, has urged people to dismiss claims that the proposal was breaking local environmental zoning laws. “Everything that was lodged to the MMAF in August 2014 is in accordance with the relevant legislation,” said Saad.

It is understood, the permits necessary to proceed with the development have to be approved by the Governor of Bali and Bali’s Provincial Parliament House (DPRD). According to Saad, the decision for the reclamation will be made via democratic means and although the date has yet to be confirmed, it will be announced in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, protests against the plan have garnered international support with the latest pleas being heard from a group of Indonesians based in Washington D.C. The protest group carried a sign on Capitol Hill with the words “Washington D.C. stands against the destruction of Bali’s environment” printed on it.

One of the Washington protesters, Made Supriatma, urged President Jokowi to annul former President Yudhoyono’s decree which took away Benoa Bay’s protected zoning rights. “You can imagine the profits, investors will rake in because the project’s location is a prime spot for tourism in Bali with the most expensive land prices,” said Supriatma.

Sources: Monga Bay, JPNN: KKP

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