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Jerinx, the drummer for punk rock band Superman is Dead met with President Jokowi at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday 15 April to discuss revoking the reclamation of Benoa Bay.

The drummer believes if the project is to proceed, there will be devastating impacts on the ecosystems in and around Benoa Bay. “We ask the President to immediately revoke the regulation for the reclamation plan as it threatens the environment of Southern Bali and Bali in general,” said Jerinx.

Jerinx took aim at investors who have refuted claims that the project will adversely affect the environment and suggested that the development plans will fail in the future due to lack of interest from tourists. “In addition to eliminating the livelihood of local fishermen and marginalizing the nearby coastal communities the project contrasts to what people believe tourism in Bali is all about,” he added. “People do not come to Bali for Disneyland or to watch Formula 1, but rather to experience the culture,” he said.

It is understood Jokowi requested formal data from Jerinx to substantiate his findings.

“Soon the data will be submitted to the President,” he concluded.

Source: Kompas

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