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Indonesia’s Director of the Professional Accountability of Hospitals (RSPHC), Iwan Sabatini has put forward the plan to construct a world-class hospital within the vicinity of Benoa Harbour to cater for medical tourists.

Over recent years, medical tourists from around the world have flocked to hospitals throughout Southeast Asia for cosmetic and dental surgery due to the substantially cheaper prices than in the West.

According to Sabatini, the hospital will be strategically positioned in Benoa Harbour so as to accommodate for tourists who arrive via cruise ships. “We will welcome the tourists to our international hospital and provide a high quality service,” said Sabatini. “In the hospital we will cater to tourists who are sick but also those who want to conduct cosmetic surgery and become more beautiful,” he added.

It is understood, PT. Pelindo III will conduct a feasibility study over the coming weeks to propose to investors. “The planned area for construction covers 9,700 square meters on the north side of Benoa Harbour and will be world-class,” Sabatini noted.

Source: Viva

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